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Just Startin' Out...

2007-08-03 21:24:44 by WanderingHalo

Hey there, and welcome to my little corner of Newgrounds! Have a cup of coffee and relax. :)

I've been lurking around NG for a couple of years now just enjoying the scenery. While at the moment I have nothing to contribute Flash-wise, (don't own the program...YET) I do plan on eventually uploading some of my musical works. Do not think that I am totally ignorant in Flash, however. I did use it quite a bit in college, and am very familiar with vector graphics in general.

Regardless, once I have the funds I am definitely planning to purchase Flash 8. I already have several animation ideas in mind...

...anyway, thank you very much for stopping by! Have an awesome day!


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2007-10-18 17:03:54

Your song "Simple Tranquility" is a really nice one, but it needs better sound quality, as I mentioned in my review.

Here's my offer: if you send me a MIDI file of the piece, I'll try to import it into my version of Finale (with Garittan Personal Orchestra) and make a nice mp3 version with instruments that sound more real. I'll then send you the file, and you can update your song or submit it again.

Please send me a PM (over the Newgrounds PM system) if you're interested.